Three Month Mums

A collaborative exploration…

I was listening to a woman on the radio today talk about the ethics of the cheap clothes we buy. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time too, and for ages have focussed on buying from op shops instead of regular shops. Well my idea today was – “That’s it! I’m going to challenge myself to not buy any brand new clothing for 1 year!” … then I thought how drastic that was, and that maybe I should just try 3 months.  Then I thought, I’d write a blog about it. But then I thought how I would find blogging into a void a bit of a waste of time, and this new idea developed…

I thought I could gather a group of feisty femmes who would be interested in participating in the same challenge with me.  I thought we could share our experiences of the challenge in a collaboration which would become the blog.  Our findings, to problems I find myself pondering everyday, would be more of a collective revelation, and we would each learn more, by doing and then sharing, than our isolated efforts might afford us.

There are so many topics that I wish to explore, experientially, but I feel like it would be much more fun if I was doing it with others.

I imagined we could vote to decide the next challenge, we could opt in or out depending on interests and circumstances, and that we could open the collaboration up to others in our social networks – post a “shout out” to see who would want to join in.

We all have different interests, and maybe this could be an opportunity to sample a three-months-of-something-a-bit-different alongside a clan of friends trying out the same thing.

Especially since becoming a Mum (and wannabe domestic goddess) I’ve really delved into the economics and ethics of home-life.  It feels a bit like I’m bombarded with bad news stories concerning the environment, the economy, our communities etc. and this could be a way of navigating this torrent while trying my best to adjust and be a responsible social citizen!

Some of my ideas for 3 month challenges are:

  • to not buy any brand new clothing (explore recycling, repairing, up cycling, making do, swapping, sharing, making)
  • The zero waste movement, trying to buy food without unnecessary plastic packaging
  • Cruelty free products/environmentally safe
  • Having electricity free days – like Earth Hour
  • Serving something homegrown at each meal
  • “Random acts of kindness” in the neighbourhood
  • The discipline of creating some art or poetry each day, to see the benefits after 3 months

Hopefully through such efforts, we’d find little gems that we might end up incorporating into our day to day lives from then on…

I’m thinking of it as a real-life research project, to actually try out these things we hear about, to share and see where it leads us to next…

If you think you might be interested, you can email me, doldalini(at)gmail(dot)com    …    I can then make you an author of this blog page, and we can start on our little adventure!  I could make a GoogleDoc so we can have a big ol’ communal chat with ideas and questions.

‘Three Month Mums’ ~ A collaborative exploration – sounds fun to me!

Obviously you do not have to be a MUM to join me… I’m just a sucker for snazzy alliteration and the idea for this formed beneath my newly acquired “Mum” mantle.