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The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker, part 1

Will the individual with her right to self-determination, her right to form her own life, be able to assert herself, or will the old role expectations remain and overwhelm her?

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Advent and Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

Advent and Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, Collette Leenman Libran Press: New Zealand, 2009 Finding meaningful ways of celebrating Advent and Christmas in late spring and summer is the focus of this book. The emphasis is on using natural materials and trying to avoid the materialism which threatens to overwhelm the Christmas festival. The aim…… Continue reading Advent and Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

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The Children’s Year

The Children’s Year, Stephanie Cooper, Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marye Rowling Hawthorne Press, 1986. Another classic title, indispensable to parents whom wish to craft for and alongside their children. The book begins in the (northern hemisphere) Spring and details a range of appropriate-to-the-season toys and clothing items to make. Each season is followed just like this…… Continue reading The Children’s Year