Chamomile~pearl is the perfect spot for you to sit down with a fresh cuppa and enjoy my latest musing.  I’m Katie and I’m mum to Leonardo, born in March 2015 and Lucinda, born in August 2017.

Like lightning bolts, ideas about things streak through my head… and now I’m a little less sleep deprived I’m trying to capture their essence, develop a new idea and figure out the nugget of inspiration.

This is a new project for me, a space and place to curate my own musings, fiddle in this new fandangled world of content creation and to give my various pursuits a home. This is also a place for me to revisit my joy of writing. As a form of expression, I can once again practise arranging the sounds into words, feelings into forms, metaphors into meaning.

A new facet of self has been revealed since becoming a mother, one that I hope to buff up  and have shining forever more. I trained in NZ as a Steiner School Class Teacher but have yet to begin my ambition of completing a teaching cycle. While mothering, I have the chance to delve deeply into this experience using my anthroposophy as lens and guide. The theory is in a process of becoming and I am thoroughly enjoying how it is informing my parenting!

I could add a million categories along the top… But I’ve divided most of my activities up between the Head, Heart & Hands; Femmes Sophia will showcase friends of mine who are Mothers-doing-their-extraordinary-thing and Adventures in Eco-Dyeing is a whole other world I am a bit fascinated in at the mo. I’m also popping up book reviews and useful links as I come across them, to offer resourceful directions in areas you may wish to further explore. This is kind of like an open scrap book of ideas I wish to explore and in turn share amongst my community.

I really hope you do enjoy and I wholeheartedly welcome comments and questions and stories and friendships.






Credit for this photo is due to Ruth Gilmour





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