Green Manure


Presenting, the Eden Seeds “Green Manure Mix Autumn/Winter” herb, flower, legume and vegetable collection:

A heady mix of alfalfa, barley, beet, broad bean, clover red, clover white, corn salad, dun pea, endive, fava bean, fenugreek, kale, lupin, medic, millet jap, millet white, mustard, oats, purslane, radish, rocket, rye, spinach, turnip, vetch, wheat and dill.

Some of which I’ve never heard of, most of which I’ve never grown… but all of which looked absolutely gorgeous as they sprouted upward and rooted downward and filled out sideward, across our little garden plot.

Lovely wee sprouts, enough to make you feel a bit clucky… or something. Anyway, they germinated really fast, but I had serendipitous timing, I recall a few days of cloud and rain after we had sown the seeds, maybe it was a “leaf day“?

They really didn’t take long at all to grow and what a pretty living mulch in the mean-time. Of course we were very tempted to just harvest all those delectable micro greens! But this is a new experiment for me, so I was (just) able to keep my culinary urges at bay… Leo couldn’t though and upon multiple moments I caught him picking and tasting different sprouts and leaves… so, good on him!

These sprightly juveniles, boundlessly audacious! The autumn garden never looked so brave and enterprising… I’ve since ordered a lovely mild mesclun salad mix as these verdent sprouters, zingers and springers are such a joy I just want to gobble them up.

But of course D-Day had to come, and as soon as as we saw flowers (no idea which plant…) we got stuck in with our gardening hands and uprooted all the dear lovelies, up-ending the wee sprites and laying them snug into the ground for their magic to continue, by releasing their energies back into whence they came. Many wormies were woken up too, but safely “put back to bed” with only one wriggly fella becoming two, thanks to Leo.

A dismal site of devastation, I hate to say it, but faithfully feeding my soil for many more planting rounds to come. Now for the next 3 months we let nature take its course, as the forces continue, breaking down matter and releasing energies for the other (microscopic) critters in the garden to feast upon. That will take us to early spring, a great time to get a crop in before the harshness of summer is upon us again.

After having gardened this plot for 3ish years, it is time to try a new approach… I stopped myself short of heading to Bunnings to buy soil… so here it is organic matter, grown, cut and recycled, as a booster, a conditioner, some pay-back for the bounty we’ve enjoyed thus far!

Let’s see how it goes… this spot of the garden seriously needed some TLC… I found another sad and crumbly part this evening – what else can I experiment with and try to bring it back to fertility?

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