A thought...

Four Days in the Wilderness

In the spirit of reductionism,

Two things:

  1. Trump has been given a gift, rather, a task – to serve. (He has not worked to serve during his career, and ironically {if anything is ever really ironic} he has to do this now.
  2. Not everything is as hunky dory as most of us believe, is it? Collectively, we are only as wonderful as the poorest in spirit of our community. It is now his (and our) task to bring wisdom and love, hope and enthusiasm to him and his voting bloc.

Something has been torn apart. Do we fill it love? Or do we fill it with fear?

Disbelief, unacceptance, anger, fear, 2 nights of Trump bad dreams and 2 days of depression.

A whole lot of bombastic brain muddling and bubbling.

Meditation. A jewel vision. Inspirational online lectures. Eagle vision moments of clarity. And a remembrance of not giving the powerful being Fear, omniopotence to rule me.

Reality. Fact. Practicality.

All remains to be seen.

I hold the fear and projection of possibilities in check.

I look and hear the words and gestures of the moment.

I set aside the past. I hold the space for compassion in the present. I do not fret about the future.

We too have an opportunity to light the way for the new President through our compassionate and wise thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

We are all One. We are many, and we are One.

The vomitous splurge. Before heightened digestive processes took hold. A necessary stage, free for you to see. But there was something more nuanced waiting to be discovered amid the rubble…

Are we the ‘Elite’?

Are you educated?

Are you employed?

Are you engaged in social behaviour?

Do you participate in your community?

Do you show good-will to your neighbours?

Do you aspire to certain values?

With the results of the recent US election and the commentary that is following, I have to ask myself, is my lifestyle contributing to the ‘establishment backlash’ seen with Brexit, Australia’s One Nation party’s resurgence and the Trump Presidency?

Because, apparently, this voting bloc is composed of disenfranchised people who feel they have lost economic control over their lives and the social direction of their respective country.

Apparently this bloc of voters in America, have become so fed-up with their established political parties, that they would happily have Donald Trump as their Commander in Chief, despite everything – and that is an awful lot – that has gone on during the Presidential campaign. 

These people ‘the silent majority’,  UNEDUCATED, UNSYMPATHETIC, NARROW-MINDED, STUPID rejected both established parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. But they didn’t vote Green, they didn’t vote Independent, they voted Trump. A majority (well, almost) of Americans voted for Donald Trump. 

Despite all the racial baiting, the sexual abuse scandals, the taunting of John Cain, the tax fraud investigation, the media bashing, the Hilary bashing, the mud flinging in every possible direction, the WALL… despite it all, America voted him in. 

So, in turn, I must seriously ask myself, how very bad is it for these people?

There is a really interesting tension going on here.

On the one hand we have the isolationist rhetoric of the Trump campaign, wishing to tear up trade agreements with China and Europe, halting TPP negotiations, all in complete seeming rejection of the tenets of free trade. 

Our economic system is dependent on trade! Is the American domestic economy robust enough to mine, manufacture, develop, market and sell its own goods? And if the answer is yes, will the population accept this limited market place?

Economies and nations cannot simply turn their backs on globalisation, on free markets, on pluralism, or can they?

On the other hand we a slew of disaffected pockets of America (and Australia) who have lost industries, have lost jobs, have lost their ability to function successfully in their communities. They evidently feel their constituents in parliament have been unwilling or quite frankly unable to resist the gigantic forces which are operating now, to seemingly snowball any attempt to limit or restrict the ultra liberalised economic movement that is free trade. The times must be tough for these folk. 

How can Trump genuinely appease his voters and give back jobs to these people?


How can entrepreneurs carve themselves a niche in the saturated market place of the 21st Century? Industry success is one thing, but what will you produce and who will buy it? When your domestic market reaches a certain point, you aim to export your goods, right? Isn’t that economic development entirely inevitable, particularly in this day and age? 

But Trump never mentioned this in his acceptance speech, because I guess he knows it’s not a possibility. He talked about infrastructure. Roads. Hospitals. Second to none. Well, where does the investment come from for that? How do they pay for themselves? Are we to see all those angry white men out on the gang-chain breaking stones and laying asphalt, singing their praises to Mr President? I’d like to see that.

No, the reality is, the world is changing so damn fast. If you are not nimble, if your skills are not transferrable, if you have familial or other ties to your patch and wish to stay rooted in your community, then it is not possible for you to pack a rucksack every three years and follow the work, or upskill, or retrain or whatever it is the politicians say you must. This is unfair. This is unrealistic. But also, it’s the world now. 


China manufactures everything. Very cheaply. It is easy to see how this global trading mechanism is going to disaffect thousands of communities with this utterly unstoppable force. The flip side is, we get goods and services, cheaply. But what good is this, when manufacturing pollutes the planet, destroys agricultural land, displaces and upsets tens of thousands of people and angers all those who deem themselves to be ‘missing out’ on economic fronts. 

This is the convergence of shit I have been anticipating. But it has come completely from left field. Trump, with all his social conservatism, lack of imagination, willingness to exploit the marginalised, political opportunism and cynical rejection of the very system that he owes his success to, has somehow brought all these issues to the fore, to the crunch point of history.  We are now viewing the very issues defining this age, though the lens of Trump. How will Trump deal responsibly to climate change? How will Trump unite the spectrum of views in American society? How will Trump actively champion human rights as leader of the free world? How will Trump deal with ISIS? How will Trump deal with Putin? 


I always thought our political leaders (can we call them the elite, now?) would come to their senses on their own, particularly concerning climate change, pull their own fingers out and do something. We haven’t seen this. We haven’t even seen the Australian government pull its finger out over the Nauru and Manus Island asylum seeking refugees crisis, for example. Did we really think they would risk political power and do the right thing? It’s sad to be cynical, but they give us nothing, do they? 

But now, every political leader around the world, it seems, is repositioning themselves, in an ever so nuanced way, preparing to muffle the effect a tyrannical and impulsive President, Trump may make. 

Every imaginable thread feeding blogs and twitter accounts, editorials and newsstands, namely, climate concerns, …

Aren’t these folk the naysayers, the pitch fork wielding rabble, the ‘deplorables’, the ‘bogans’, the ‘rednecks’, the losers ….

… don’t we owe it to the disaffected of our community , to have a spokesperson, a ‘champion’, someone who listens to them?


Oh, boy.

This is going to be a heavy lump to digest.

Ahh jeez, I feel sorry for Hilary.

I never thought she was THIS disliked. Poor lady.

Time to get spiritual, time to get philosophical.

This was a democratic process. Citizens voted freely on the candidate they believed would be best as President. The majority voted for Trump.

There is a terrific irony I see here.

Those ‘white lower-class voters’ who apparently are to blame, are the ones …



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