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Seven Times the Sun

IMG_7089Seven Times the Sun, Shea Darian

LuraMedia, 1994.

An inspired author!

Seven Times the Sun is a one-of-a-kind book, full of ideas, reflections, and practical advice offering a fresh view of daily life in the home and family.  Weaving songs, stories, family rituals, and verses throughout, Darian shows how to bring joy to such daily events as mealtimes, going to bed, chores, naps, and playtime.

It’s easy to loosely summarise parenting as modern, or respectful, conscious, progressive or creative, but to the newly initiated parent, how does one actually achieve something of these adjectives?

Sensitively gathered, upon these pages, are the harvested fruits of Darian’s parenting years.  Fruits which will nourish you upon your parenting pilgrimage.

The frame on which this vine is hung, is the quintessential Steiner buzzword for early childhood and that is, RHYTHM.  Recognising the daily rhythm and allowing the eternal heartbeat to guide the structure of family life, is the basis of Darian’s inspiration. This book is full of practical suggestions, personal insights and family anecdotes which serve up concrete ideas to transpose upon your own domestic sphere, or, will provide the inspirational impetus to creatively and consciously craft your own rituals, songs, verses and stories.

Have you ever wondered how to smooth transition times in your home?  Wanted to introduce a Grace for mealtimes?  Noticed fear or hesitance in your child and have thought about how you could assist them?  This book gives so many ideas around these microscopic rituals in the home and the daily activities of your family’s for you to feel enthused to give them a whirl, even if just one at a time.  It certainly adds a new dimension to the art of parenting, one I particularly find to be sincere and inspired.

These are delivered as an invitation to celebrate, to bear witness to the kaleidoscope experience of child and parenthood; the myriad joys and sorrows of this grand marvellous adventure called Life!  Here we learn how to be wise, for our children’s sake and for the benefit of the entire household.

The book is divided neatly into the following chapters:

  1. Greeting the Dawn
  2. ‘Round the Table
  3. Come, Play with Me!
  4. Working Wonders
  5.  Listen to the Quiet
  6. Skinned Knees, Broken Hearts
  7. Nighttime Pilgrims
  8. Endings and Beginnings
  9. Walking on Sacred Ground (for parents – simple rituals to celebrate personal renewal)
  10. We Are the Peacemakers

You see what simple daily events are developed into opportunities of celebration.  Verses can be told, songs sung, stories adapted, traditions started, all to ease transitions and develop a sense of the rhythm of the day for the child.  Traditional stories of the Brothers Grimm are retold by Darian and there are basic collections of modern stories to use as a leap-pad in searching for more or creating your own.  A definite sensibility is built throughout this book, one which promotes ‘slow-parenting’.

Often, we feel the days whizz by, or we hear friends talk of time disappearing, “going too fast” or not believing it is almost Christmas again!  As adults, the big wheel of life really does feel like it spins faster each year, but the child experiences time in such a different way.  If we can remember, time often feels endless during childhood. In fact, I think it is the rituals we have placed in the family home, the birthdays of the year, the seasonal changes observed, the festivals we celebrate, that punctuate this endlessness and provide some sort of, well, rhythm, to their young lives.

I for one am beginning to understand ever deeply how these rhythmic habits of the home bring a sense of stability, comfort, trust and wellbeing to a child.  Feelings which if left without, simply fails to offer an enriched experience of childhood and in turn, adulthood.

As a counsellor I found this book to be a very valuable tool for deepening the intimacy between parent and child… so many clients I’ve worked with are hungry for sacred connection in their lives.  Darian’s many suggestions provide creative, structured guidance for opening to receive this inspiration.

That quote hits the nail on the head! Honour and sacredness in the family home – what better place to explore such values.


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