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Crying and Restlessness in Babies


Crying and Restlessness in Babies, Ria Blom
Floris Books, 2003.

This little manual of swaddling was pored over by us during the early months with Leo. The anguish felt when our baby woke up after 20 minutes compelled me to search for tools to help him sleep longer and deeper. I needn’t look far as I found this book on my bookshelf, and boy did it rescue us!

This book offers quick solutions for parents under immediate stress, as well as plenty of background information about sleeping patterns and baby routines.

This book centres on swaddling as a solution to restless sleeping and details practical swaddles for use, with diagrams. The usefulness of this book expires once your baby is rolling over and swaddling is to be discontinued, the author describes how to approach this transition also.  A deeper look at the causes of crying and restlessness are also fleshed out and a more complex picture of the experience of the young baby is described. Five key themes summarise the content:

-Rhythm (vs. absence of rhythm)
-Self reliance (vs. having to be entertained)
-Falling asleep of one’s own accord (vs. being lulled to sleep)
-Lengthy sleeps (vs. catnaps)
-Warmth (vs. cold)

This book also helped me alter Leo’s pattern of feeding/sleeping/awake, to awake/sleeping/feeding, in fact this wasn’t even made aware to me until I read the book and realised it’s implications. I was able to re-establish this pattern with Leo quite early on,  which helped immensely with his daytime sleeps and routine, my sanity and fatigue levels and our overall experience growing and bonding together as I was becoming conscious of our own rhythm and routine. I’m looking forward to applying these rhythms with our next babe.


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