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Appeal for Fijian Midwives

Our family will be enjoying a holiday in Fiji this December.

Since Cyclone Winston hit earlier in the year, I’ve been thinking of how we could donate more than just our tourism dollar to our Fijian neighbours.  It seems unbearable to go stay at a resort while a nation is rebuilding itself, just over the fence.

These days, hearing news of disaster, my thoughts often ponder the situation for pregnant, labouring, birthing women and their babies.  Life goes on and when facilities are swept away, how is best practise maintained?

A search online brought me to the UNFPA, and coincidentally, they have an office in Suva.

“UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.”

Now THAT is a charter!

Check out these other articles further detailing the situation post Winston:’s-cyclone-winston

fiji baby






I would love to take a cheque over in December to present to the UNFPA in Suva.

Please consider my fundraising campaign and share throughout your networks. A few dollars from here and there makes all the difference and I’m sure in essence this is part of what this amazing communicability we have now, is all about!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.18.57 pm



Have you had any experience is such matters?

How more could I contribute?

Do you know of any similar campaigns?





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