A feeling...

When what’s in here matches with what’s out there


It’s hard to describe transcendence.

But hell, it’s good ain’t it?

I just had a moment you see, after a hard day, a difficult evening. Tears on the couch, exhaustion, frustration, fatigue, the foetal position, that was me, having a moment. I ate the cold left overs, delicious vegetable medley but with a lumpy thyme white sauce, which I guess is what I was really craving, some calories – my instincts know the comforts.

I caught the end of another Poirot, whom I do adore, and was whisked away momentarily, to  the vampish interior of some country house, amongst the glamorous suspects, pearl brooches, finger waves, cigarillos and sherry. The perpetrator had committed two murders, foul and opportunistic yet artful and inspired as Hercule Poirot himself fiendishly admired. His waxed moustache, his fresh flower pin. Enough of a transcendence moment there in itself. That’s why I love Poirot! But with the pot now empty and the credits rolling I was back to reality, I had calmed down but I still had the kitchen to clean.

Godammit, it’s Saturday night! Well the bread has been baked, that’s a small victory, I’ll take that. I guess I must’ve done a quick Facebook hoon and thank the freaks I did, a new Radiohead single released – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTAU7lLDZYU

After about six listens to get my fill I felt relief. I shared the video of course with some nonsensical hyperbole to attempt the magnitude of the upswelling of raw or refined (not sure yet) emotional response, the kind that only ever comes from listens to certain musos, the kind that inspires such brash and bungled descriptions. It’s because their music is so freakishly masterful, it hurts. The hurt is a deep chord that is plucked and it reverberates from way down below, sending shudders, ecstatic shudders throughout your being. That would be your physical, your etheric, your astral and higher ego bodies. You dance, you are enlivened, you are moved beyond far what you experience emotionally day to day, you are lifted high to a place where you feel you touch the hand of an angel. Now this is a description my Facebook friends simply wouldn’t expect! There is no ignoring this sensation, it really does encompass every inch. You really can’t do anything else in this moment.

Now with a phenomenon like Radiohead, we are blessed, truly blessed from higher realms, to have songs that deliver the goods, these vehicles of transcendence, on multiple albums. This alone astounds me. Hence I am convinced we are dealing with some angelic incarnation here concerning Thom and his band members. These souls are initiated to the task of exposure to heavenly realms to us mere mortal earthlings, consumed as we are, with our particular karmic journeys.

And so my evening continued, completely skewed from the crumpled couch lump of earlier.

I set about jamming. Apron on, spirits lifted, dishwasher packed, curtains drawn, candles lit, tv off, speakers set, dance moves unravelling.

Now, I don’t know how this really is… how this translates to the Me of Now, if the Me of Now would be much different if the Me of Yesteryear made different choices, chose not to inhale, if you catch my drift… but the Me of Now slips into a state of semi trance quite easily, quite enjoyably, quite suitably if the above is to be believed.

When the mood is awakened it is as though the inner fire is fed and suddenly, dramatically, all is well. I see the stars. I weep at their beauty. I understand. I embrace each one of us. I feel our beauty. Our beautiful forces at work in the world. I love everything, everyone. I wish to call out into the night, towards the stars. I want to blast up towards the cosmos and explode into a million pieces to fall down, landing on everything, kissing and weeping noble tears of gratitude, of love.

This is my revelation, through music mostly. This is what occurred tonight.

My earlier years, saw many, many hours spent with wonderful friends. Friends of those moments. Friends with whom shared these illuminating formative experiences. Friends who were in my life ready to enjoy life, with me, with others, with music. Now would I be different if I hadn’t been there, with my friends, jamming on what we loved in that here-and-now? Often I ponder, where are these people and how come they’re no longer in my life? I am the nostalgic type, by astrological influence, us Cancerians are so. But I value those formative periods. These whimsical memories that undoubtedly deepened my connection to something soulful, something spiritual, something transcendent, no doubt.

And so, all alone, but with a *little help from my friends* I rose above the usual din, the chatter of the evening chores and had another one of my beautiful moments. Thanks Radiohead. Thanks Friends.

Please now enjoy this:












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